TEAM BOBC (black hoodie)

TEAM BOBC (black hoodie)

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Life's about just that: "blood, sweat & tears..& beers", or maybe that motto is more relevant when  referencing a good workout session in the gym: You spill some bloodsweat some salty beads from your forehead & shed a tear or two as you listen to Alanis Morissette's greatest hits while you try to benchpress 60kg...& afterwards you enjoy some beers as a personal treat! Maybe that's what life really is all about!? Or maybe, just maybe, this is just a damn clean hoodie!?

Custom BOBC necktag & sleevetag.

Small 'X' logo back embroidery.

FREE 'TEAM BOBC' sticker with every 'TEAM BOBC' hoodie order!

100% super soft cotton.

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