About Brand of Brothers Clothing

A Clothing company that started early 2012 by two good friends in the beautiful nordic city of Stockholm, Sweden. Our goal is to go our own way and create something that we're proud of and something we can stand behind all the way. We draw influences from all corners of the world, tattoos, music, movies,
family & friends, photos, alcohol, art, life.

Always remember, they've got you fooled if you think you have
to die to experience heaven!

// Max & Filip, two Brothers with a brand.


Q: How long will shipping take for my order?

A: Shipping will take approx.1-6days within Sweden. International orders will take slightly longer and will vary depending where in the world you live, but approx 7-14 days for all international orders.

Q: Where are B/O/B based?

A: Our HQ is in lovely Stockholm, Sweden.

Q: How should i wash my B/O/B shirts?

A: As with all high quality printed shirts, we recommend you to wash them inside-out and in about a 30 degree heat. We advice you to not tumble dry (hang dry only) or iron the shirts, this helps the prints last you a life time.

Q: My shirt doesn’t fit me very well, what
should i do?

A: We advice you to check out the size chart for each specific item prior to ordering so you know which size shirt fits you the best. If we send you the wrong size/style shirt email us for further instructions.

Q: I play in a band and we want to get endorsed by B/O/B, any chance of this happening?

A: We at B/O/B are always looking for new persons (not only bands) to endorse with our stuff. Email us here with a link to your site where we can check you out, if we like what we see/hear we will contact you.

For all other questions please email us at questions@brandofbrothersclothing.com



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