Amused (gold hoodie)

Amused (gold hoodie)

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Limited colourway!

This is our "thank you design" to everyone & everything that made 2020 a fucking miserable shitstorm of a year! To the police murderers of Breonna Taylor, George Floyd and so on, to the Covid-19 virus that made the earth stand still for months (& still making it stand still), to Carole Baskin for getting away with murder..& on a personal note to the one person that abandoned us when we really needed you the most.."thank you", thank you all above for making us less mildly amused on life!

'Amused..' design embroidered in a high quality "3D puffy" embroidery technique.

Custom BOBC necktag & sleevetag.

Small 'X' logo back embroidery.

FREE 'Amused' sticker with every 'Amused' hoodie order!

100% super soft cotton.

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