Happiness (black shorts)

Happiness (black shorts)

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Happiness is (sometimes) a mere breakup away, & the "breakup" can come & be from anything around you, wether it's from your partner you constantly argue with & you need to breakup with, friends that eventually turned out to be more fiends than friends in your life, a job where you feel you are going nowhere fast in etc etc. The "breakup mentality" can be from anything in your life that doesn't make you feel whole in some way, shape or form..in the end, lifes to short to be wasted away, break the cycle (whatever cycle that may be) in order for you to find peace, tranquility & eventually HAPPINESS!

Comes with a bunch of features such as; 'inner drawcord', 'side pockets', a small 'internal key pocket' etc. These shorts are super breathable so they are perfect to wear both in the water (dries fast) as well as in the city!

Custom BOBC necktag.

FREE 'Happiness' die cut sticker with every 'Happiness' shorts order!

100% Polyester.

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