Band of Brothers (skatedeck)

Band of Brothers (skatedeck)

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Our third skatedeck (both previous decks are sold out) & this one is featuring our never previously released 'Band of Brothers' design! Metaphorically we see the streetwear landscape as a warzone, it's either "kill or be killed" aka "drop bangers & maintain longevity or fade away into irrelevance"! This design & release is for those who's willing to go to war with us (again, metaphorically speaking, real war would be kind of a bummer) & it's for our brothers who's either joined our little "brotherhood" recently or you who has been with us since 2012, this ones for all of you, we're in this together, through thick & thin, rain, snow & sunshine, the good & the bad days..we are a band of brothers!

Board size: 8.5.

Note: These decks are high quality (made in USA) skatedecks. "Shred the gnar" if you want to BUT we highly recommend that these are hung on your wall for displaying!

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