Sehnsucht (sand hoodie)

Sehnsucht (sand hoodie)

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"Sehnsucht";  is a German noun translated as "longing", "desire", "yearning", or even "craving". Some psychologists use the word to represent thoughts and feelings about all facets of life that are unfinished. Psychologists have for years tried to capture the essence & meaning of the word "Sehnsucht" by identifying its six core characteristics which details amongs others; 'a sense of incompleteness and imperfection of life' & 'ambivalent / bittersweet emotions'..these are feelings that we've been struggling with for years, without going into to much details, the "sehnsucht" is constant & it's forever immer sehnsucht since you left...

Custom BOBC necktag & hemtag.

Small 'X' logo backprint.

FREE 'Sehnsucht' sticker with every 'Sehnsucht' hoodie order!

100% super soft cotton & screen printed designs.

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