Goooo Booze Hounds..& chug!

Having a profound love for American sports teams logos & more importantly their mascot counterparts, creating our own mascot for BOBC was bound to happen sooner than later, there for we present to you 'Buster the Booze Hound' or 'Boozie the Booze Hound', whatever you call him he's our (& now your) lucky charm mascot!

Drawing inspiration from classic college teams logos & mascots such as Georgetown Hoyas, Oregon Ducks, Florida Gators etc we feel we have created a classic timeless design, logo & mascot that will stand the test of time & also in the process created a mascot design that represents that "chug life" motto we have become known for.

So come join the BOBC Booze Hounds team & pick up preferably all four threads that this release entails which is a grey & black tee & a matching grey & black hoodie, because after all, there's no limit to how much you can support the brand you love the most, goooo Booze Hounds!



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