First release of 2019; Metal season is upon us!

For our first release of 2019 we wanted to drop a design & item that's close to our hearts as music lovers, it's the three colorway "Metal" hoodie out on January 25th.

Being that we're often in & around the hardcore / metal music scene this design comes totally natural to us & hopefully to you to as the consumer, but hey, don't worry, you don't have to be a so called "metal" fan to appreciate these epic designs. What's also a bit original about this product is that we slapped an epic "metal horn hand" on one of the sleeves, just to give you that extra little bit of metal vibe bang for your buck.

The two designs was made by our good designer friend Mikael Lundström, below you can see some first drafts of the design that we got sent to us before settling on the ones that made it onto the hoodie!

Even before the release of this hoodie, it has made it's way around the globe, as Ryo from the japanese band 'Crystal Lake' proves here in a Tokyo night photo done by our good friend John Gyllhamn.

Make sure to cop the hoodies once they drop on Friday January 25th, low stock & quantities in all three colours so don't miss out, & hey, stay metal out there!



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