Our third collab with our friends in Adept

This will be our third collab with our friends in Adept, for this one we wanted to go with a simple & clean "statement" design. The guys are gonna be celebrating 10 years of the album "Another Year of Disaster" next year, but we wanted to take it further back than that & pay homage to the 13 year old classic EP that brought notice to the band in the first place, "The Rose Will Decay". Lyrics has always played an integral part of the band so we wanted the back design of the tee to have a classic quote from the EP, hence the lyrics "starting over isn't a way to begin" just below the skull rose design.

"When they approach us to do a third collaboration design some months ago we didn't hesitate at all, it comes down to this, we've been a band since 2004, they've been a brand since 2012 but above all that we've been friends forever, before the brand & band, & we'll still be friends well after the band & brand."

-Robert Adept

The "TRWD" tee comes in two different colours (white & black) & what's "unique" about this tee is that we did the leafs on the design in different colours on the different coloured tees, so the black tee gets teal coloured leafs & the white tee gets a rustic orange leaf colour. As an extra bonus, if you purchase both tees you get four BOBC x ADEPT stickers included in your order, 2 big stickers & 2 smaller stickers. "TRWD" drops this Friday, November 23 here in our online shop.




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